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Ok, here's what I would do....

1. Get a Shure SM 57. They run about $120 and are the best all-round bang for your buck. You can use them to mic voice (Sting did his entire last album's vocals on one), snare drums, guitar amps, piano... pretty much anything live or in the studio.

2. You WILL be dissapointed with the sound you get running your mic through a guitar amp. But, if you are running your guitar through pedals to get your effects and not using the overdrive on the amp, it won't be "as bad". That being said, you'd need to fork out at least a few hundred bucks for a PA and speakers to get your mic to sound much better.

One more thing, you can run as much dirt on your voice as you want and it would never ruin your mic. Your mic just picks ap the sound waves and carries them to your amp. Nothing travels back into the mic.

What is your budget? What is your aim/ how loud or clean do you want your sound to be? What equipment do you already have? Where will you be playing with your gear?

I'd be glad to help you out. Just send me a PM or whatever...
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