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You want to hear dedicated?! Here's a good one for you all.

My folks have always been huge dog lovers, growing up, we always had a dog around the house and we all treated it more like a person than a pet. Our bulldog used to get whatever we were eating for dinner mixed into some dog food no matter what we were having for dinner: veal parmesan, filet mignon, etc... If by chance we were eating out, my mom would cook up some liver for the dog because plain old kibble just couldn't do!

Well, since me and my sister have moved out and our last family dog passed they have not gotten another dog. But, they love to spoil the heck out of mine!!! When I go to visit, I always try to bring them along and boy do they get treats!!! For my pooches, it's like going to "DoggyLand" when I go to my folks.

My parents always have something special for them, and this of course aside from the real people food in their dishes. My mom (knowing in advance) will go to the butcher and get special bones for them but she can't just give them to them like that! They have to be cooked (usually grilled in the oven) with some sauce on them. If it's not that it liver treats, a recipe she found on the internet and the dogs love it.

The best story was last year. I was over at my folks with my pooches, it was early December and fairly cold outside. Since my mom had cooked something that was very tomatoey and that wasn't good for the dogs, my dad goes out to the store and buys steaks. Now, you'd think he'd just cook them in the pan, right? No, my father gets all dressed up, fires up the barbecue in freezing weather to go cook steaks for the DOGS (with sauce of course) while we're eating our actual dinner!!!

I still remember seeing him shiver outside on the barbecue while we're eating... My folks are weird!!! But I love 'em and my dogs sure do!!!

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