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Pretty sure it was kids. It was between 6 and 7 this morning, the time kids around here are going to school or waiting for buses etc. We're in a pretty well off area, so any adults who would want a laptop could buy 4 of them pretty easily, lol. That and they didnt take anything out of my garage thats worth anything to people, brand new lawn mower, snow blower, power washer, plus 2 cars. Had they been looking to make some money they could have done it easily, but kids seem to think more along the lines of electronics for stuff to steal, and since my bag looked like it had a laptop in it (i dont know who would leave a laptop in a car though) they thought it would be a quick way to make money.

Im getting up early to scope out the people who walk by my house tomorrow, see if any of them are carrying my benjamin moore's leather bag heh
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