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Very good post and subject! We've gotten to a point where everything is so politically correct nowadays that we are afraid to offend anyone and actually speak our minds. I am in full agreement that we should be able to state our "true" opinions on different subjects and threads instead of always just saying something nice.

The most important thing though, is HOW to properly voice an opinion, an art that unfortunately eludes many... This is where problems arises in such discussions. All it takes is someone to voice a message that is a judgement or attack instead of an opinion to sour it all up.

I've always thought for myself, for as long as I can think back but along the years I did learn that there are times that it's better just to shut up and save yourself the headache.

I do hope to see more discussions and debates with more varied opinions. I just hope that it can all be done in a civil and respectful fashion. Every one has a right to voice their opinion but we must all accept that anyone else has the right to have a different opinion than our own.

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