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Have beliefs?

ok. First of all, I already know that this post is not going to win me points. But it has been on my mond for some time.

I may not have been here as long as many, but i have made an observation. There seem to only be select few that express strong beliefs in different aspects of herpetoculture. The herp community is not an exclusive club. We are allowed to hold certain beliefs sacred. And you are allowed to argue the subject (as long as it is civil). Not everyone has to agree on beliefs. It would be great if we did, but that is human nature. How are newbies in the herp world supposed to learn the intracacies of our world without being exposed to the controversy? There are many to choose from, morphs, sale of giant snakes and iguanas, field collecting, to name a few. If yo dont belive in taking snakes fromt he wild, post it, debate it, learn something, anything, just have an opinion. We need to be one minded in our hobby regarding our right to keep herps as ther are many instituions trying to take that right away such as the HSUS, API and PETA. But we can also have our differences. That is what makes a great community. If a 12 year old posts that he just got a baby Retic as his first snake and you dont agree with it, say it. If you do, say it. If you don't think someone should have kept that ratsnake crossing the road, say it. If you don't have an opinion, fine. let others debate it, read it, learn from it. Get an opinion, or dont. Even if yo don't, you still have an opinion of "I don't see the harm". If you think I am ranting and raving, say it. If you think I have said something relevant, say it. The bottom line is don't stradle the fence so you don't offend someone. there may be many fences, but we are all sharing the same yard. If people dislike you because of yor opinion, fine. That is the way of the world, at least you have one. This is the internet people. Noone really has much of a face. Some might meet. Most will not. The internet is aplace where people can come together and express similar interests and different beliefs. Just like the real world. i see too many posts of people gettign animals that (in my opinion and expereice) they should not have. And all I see is "nice snake" and the like. No stances. If a mom wins her son an iguana at a county fair, don't just say "nice throw on the ring toss", make a statement. "an iguana is not a 'prize' ". Or say whatever you think. Whether many like to admit it or not, there are ALOT of herps that only the most experienced keeprs should have. Iguanas are the best selling lizard for one reason, they are cheap. Out of the hundreds of thousands of iggys sold every year, how many make it breeding age? Not many. I saw an iguana sold to a kid yesterdayin pet store. Did I jump ont he counter and preach? no. I gave a few tidbits of wisdom and wrote down the addresses of a couple good sites for them. why? Why didn't I take a stand? Because they are the only shop close to get live feeders on the off chance I need them. Does that make me a hipocrit? maybe. Debate it!

The bottom line is this: You are ALLOWED to have an opinion, even if it differs from what seems like everyone elses opinion. Don't compramise. Take a stand! Speak your mind. The admins here understand that by reading some of their posts. Talk about it, debate it, fight it! They only delete posts that are slanderous or out of line. OPINIONS AND BELIEFS ARE ALLOWED!

ok, done venting
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