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Unhappy veiled cham death...had to remove eggs...

my veiled chameleon was gravid and she looked like she was about to lay eggs within a week or so (according to her actions)
and she kept hanging on the screen top of her cage, but she was so heavy with eggs that her back legs would fall and she'd be stuck hanging by her front legs, so i kept rescuing her and eventually (because of laying in the heat all day with no water)
she got way too dehydrated and was really weak on the bottom of the for the last day or so i was taking special care of her and giving lots of water and she looked like she was doing better but today she died.....and she had the eggs in we decided that we would try and save the 40 or so eggs that were in her.....i figured they'd be about ready because it looked like she'd lay we removed the eggs and they were in two bundles....20 eggs in each (more or less) but we couldnt separate the they are in my incubator right now but they dont look good...they are all yellow and one broke....and it was only filled with yellow...nothing i figure the eggs must be bad...but i'll leave them in there just in case.
just thought i'd share that and if anyone has something to say or n e ideas of what to do go ahead and reply to this

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