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Re: sick snake?

Originally Posted by Wildside View Post
I'm sorry to hear this. I told a story earlier today of that happening in my Pet Shop. At this point the best thing you can do is return the snake to Petco while still alive. That behavior is obviously not normal and they cannot argue with what's right in front of their face. Get your money back and purchase from a seasoned breeder.
This is what I would do too. Explain to your son that the snake is really sick, and that he has to go back to the store (or euthanize it). Then, if you're all still committed to keeping a ball python, get one from a seasoned breeder.

The symptoms your snake is displaying do remind everyone that it might be IBD. IBD is fatal and cannot be cured or stopped. Personally, since vets are so expensive and most aren't versed at all in proper reptile care, I would return it to the store, or euthanize it, and buy a healthier snake from a qualified breeder.
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