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Unhappy My bite free streak is at an end...

Well, it's over. Years of being cautious and succesfully avoiding big bad boid teeth are seemingly in vain!

Tonight, as I was feeding my male IJ, I dumbly put my hand smelling of mice in his cage. I look back now, and see no sense or reason to my actions. Anyway, thinking I was nummers, he bit my middle finger. After bleeding profusely for what seemed like hours, I discovered he got in at least 7 top teeth and 7 bottom teeth on and under my finger.
Fortunately, thanks to razor sharp teeth, it hurt very little and allowed my first concern to be the state of his mouth, as in did he break any teeth. Considering the wounds look clean and he happily accepted and swallowed another rat, I think he did not.

It's the end, folks, the end!
I've been cursed.

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