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Re: Dangerous pet products that should never be used for pets

Analog thermometers and hygrometers-Cheap and popular, this seems to be the standard for checking the environment. Why are they dangerous? Analog meters are known for being very inaccurate, as well as having the tendancy to get "stuck" on a specific reading. Knowing the exact temperatures and humidity levels is essential to keeping reptiles. If your instruments aren't reading properly, it's very possible to over or underheat your reptile, or dry them out or give them too much humidity.

Not to mention, new reptile owners don't always realize the adhesive used to stick them to the inside of the enclosure doesn't stick well to glass, etc. Especially when the reptile requires humidity. However, it does unfortunately stick TOO well to a reptile's scales. I found that out the hard way with my first snake years ago. And it is all too common. It can be a pain To remove from the reptile, and depending on how severe the damage is, aid in or cause scale rot. I was so scared when this happened to me, and it had never crossed my mind when I purchased them back then! I felt so terrible that I had to learn this the hard way and seemed like even after all the research I had done for my snake, that I was a terrible owner.
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