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Re: Dangerous pet products that should never be used for pets

Originally Posted by Pareeeee View Post
This is a great thread!! I e-mailed some people that were selling heat rocks in the classifieds and told them they should throw them away because they are very dangerous. I never got a response...

This I disagree with - it is all relative to the type of reptile you are trying to keep. I would not keep a Ball Python in a glass terrarium, for instance, since they are shy snakes with high humidity requirements.

My Rosy Boa, Boaz, does well in his glass terrarium since he is a desert-dweller who needs a dry environment. All you have to do is black out the sides and back with bristol board, or if you feel like something more permanent, paint them. I also have one of those metal tops that clicks into place around the plastic edging on the top of the tank. It doesn't budge...not with a *small* snake like Boaz, anyway.
I don't think glass aquariums should be in this thread at all. While we can all agree that they're not "the best" for every reptile they certainly are not "Dangerous"
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