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Re: Dangerous pet products that should never be used for pets

Originally Posted by franks View Post
Lol Korbin your unprovoked belligerence is amusing. Up front, I want you to know, no offense taken since this is all in the spirit of forum discussion. With that said, since you so respectfully asked me to explain myself:

I build and sell custom enclosures, so I understand lumber is safe AFTER IT IS SEALED. The fact that it is pine is part of the reason we seal it btw.
I understand that kiln dried pine is safe, it has no oil. The bags that I was referring to all explicitly stated “Not kiln dried to help substrate retain humidity.”
Hope this helps.
Ummm... no I didn't.

One thing you have to learn is this. I am just like mykee but without all of the experience and I am not so smart. Other than that you just have to learn how to take me. I not always intentionally rude I just lack the natural filters others seem to have and I don't particularly care to try too hard sometimes. If I come off rude its nothing personal... I just didn't take the time to filter my thoights ans just fired away. Sometimes I reread stuff and have to edit my whole post or ask a mod to remove it.

Wait! You build custom cages? Sweet! Post some pics! I just built a 4'x2'x2' enclosure a couple of months ago. I love dyi enclosures.

More questions! How would non kiln dried pine shavins be better for humidity retention?
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