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Re: Dangerous pet products that should never be used for pets

I have to disagree with both the negative sand posts and the glass tank posts.

There is nothing about a plastic tub, in and of itself, that holds either heat or humidity better, or makes for a better enclosure. (It might make for an easier enclosure, but that is a different story altogether) The heat retention and humidity you are referring to is the common solid top on the tub, instead of a common screen top on a glass enclosure. Nothing to do with the glass enclosure itself, but the lid. The same holds true for the security of the reptile in glass enclosures. This has to do with the hides and 'furniture' present in the enclosure, and little to do with the glass.

As for the sand causing impaction, this makes little sense either. These animals do not live on tiles and paper towels in the wild; they regularly ingest substrate there. That picture with the impaction shows an unhealthy, obese animal, which at a guess likely means all insects and no vegetable matter. A common malpractice which can lead to a dehydrated animal. Small particulate impactions are usually caused by dehydration or inappropriate heating.
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