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Exclamation I need help asap!

I recently acquired some new adult female ball pythons, and one of them had mites. I have been really busy with exams so I asked my brother to treat the snake. He was supposed to use provent-a-mite but he couldn't find it so he used tea tree oil/water instead. The snake is now unconscious, but is starting to become more responsive. I am also starting to notice swelling and an odour coming from its stomach/liver area (about 1/3 down the length of the snake). I'm not sure whether the swelling is from a rancid prey item or the liver trying to process the tea tree oil (i am assuming that the oil is toxic to the snake). If anyone could give me their opinion i would really appreciate it. I haven't taken it to a vet, because I can handle any procedure myself. I'm just looking for a course of action.
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