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Oh now that's a dangerous precedent.

Apart from the obvious (and unfortunately expensive) going to a lawyer, my first response would be make a lot of noise.

Get the local papers in on it, write your MLA, get everyone you know to write their MLA, talk to the local TV station and see if they will send a cameraman with you to personally ask the city council just what they expect you to do with these animals. Pass them off to another community? not very responsible. Dispose of them? .. there's an animal rights issue. Let them go? .. that's illegal. Put as much pressure as you can on them to answer how they can just ban everything. Did they have a public meeting on this issue? I think they have to do that.

Of course then I sit and think, what if making lots of noise just get's the other side all fired up ... it could percipitate more bans.

I know, not much help, but if they get a foothold in like this, that sets the legal precedent for other municipalities to do the same thing with much less trouble.

Sorry, this is more ranting than anything, but this both scares me and pi$$es me off.:devil:
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