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Originally posted by Rebecca
I'm thinking if I can live with the guilt...
rebecca: i'm very sensitive to your pain in this situation, but i think it might be useful for you to think about the notion of "guilt". life, disease, and death are all equal parts of the responsibility of keeping animals... pets or otherwise. it would be great if pets never got sick and never died... but that's not realistic. a person keeping captive animals takes on responsibility for that animal's well-being... and that always envolves making decisions and taking action concerning the animals well-being and best interests. humanely intervening to put down an animal that is beyond the point of medical help is a kind and responsibile choice... not one that brings a burden of guilt. To some extent, a person is more "guilty" in a moral sense when he or she does nothing to relieve an animal's suffering. I know this doesn't make it easier, because we get very attached and commited to the animals in our care... But a mature and responsible pet owner doesn't hesitate to make the "hard choices' where their animals' needs are concerned... i'm touched by your attachment to your pet, and the depth of your feeling for it... but please don't let this get confused with a sense of guilt for doing what is humanely the proper thing...

these of couse, are just my thoughts about this...

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