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Aww thanks everyone!

Didn't get anything in the way of presents boyfriend gave me a really nice skirt and a sticker last week (he couldn't wait until my bday actually got ) and my family is stumped so they have yet to get me anything. 22 years old (lol..yes I know I look like I'm 16 ). For the record, every single year on my birthday we either get a snow storm or an ice storm - this year was certainly no exception! Did a little shopping this morning and spent the rest of the day curled up watching movies with Mike, nice and warm away from the 6' of snow outside Lazy days are the best ways to spend birthdays Went out to dinner with my parents and sister this evening, and now I'm too stuffed to move, let alone drink Everyones takin me out on the weekend though And nope, nobody missed my bday, it is still on as I type this (Feb 12th) Hope that answered all of the questions
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