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Re: When Hog Islands ruled...

Thank you all for the nice comments. When I got back into boas last year (I had a Peruvian Pucallpa BCC many years ago), I really wanted a slightly smaller snake, with beautiful coloration and a sweet disposition. Well, I couldn't have made a better choice than a Hog Island.

Originally Posted by alessia55 View Post
All of these threads really make me want to jump on the hog island train
Pebbles is beautiful... Is she as sweet as she looks?
Yes, Alessia, she's a real sweetheart. Although she has an amazing feeding response, she's never hissed, struck, or otherwise taken a truly defensive posture toward me or anyone else, for that matter. I also love the fact that she's very curious, but still slow and deliberate like boas tend to be (except when striking/coiling to feed! ). Anyway, yes, she rocks! And yes, you NEED one!!!!

Thanks again for all the kind words.

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