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Unhappy HELP!!! I need some advice legal or otherwise

I'm seeking help and advice for my friend, Ed Rapa. Ed has been a fellow herper for many years, he lives in Durham, Ont.(north of Guelph). On April 15, 2002 the township of West Grey passed a by-law banning exotic animals. Ed asked the township about exotics before him and his fiancee Cindy purchased their home there. They were told no problem, they could have exotic animals. Ed and Cindy have until June 14, to get rid of their two Burmese pythons, two boa constrictors (they have had one of their snakes for eight years) and other reptiles or face up to $5,000 in fines.
Ed and Cindy have many thank you notes from school children showing their appreciation for bring and talking about their animals. Ed and Cindy are desperate to find anyone with any advice, names of people who might be able to help them or who have been throught this before, phone numbers, addresses, anything or anybody that can help them keep their animals.
Thanks in advance for your help,
Terry Stack
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