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I used to be a really big fan of micheal when I was younger and I have to admit I still love his music. He is very talented. Singing and dancing. I blame his actions and his odd behavour on the hard life he had, all his life. He had to fight his entire life and is still doing so. His family was totally screwed up and I think if any one of us came from his surroundings we would be in the same boat. It is not our place to judge him or his actions. People make mistakes, we are only human, and that may be part of the problem, Micheal is "human" and his fans and the media tried to make him out as a God for so long. Personally I prefer his sister Janet these days but possibly it is becuause she is out there making music more. I think some of Micheals actions are odd and the kids wearing viels (sp) is odd, but if is not totally uncommon in some religions for women and children to wear viels. And it is his children, his decisions. I know I wouldn't like someone to come into my house and tell me I am raising my daughter wrong and that she should be anything other than the catholic child I baptised her as. If she choses to change her religion when she is older that is her choise, no one elses.
Also as said before Micheal was mentally abused and physically abused as he grew up. And for the longest time this was kept a secret. I read that when it did come out all the family hated him for speaking out along with his sister latoya, (If I remember right) and no one in the family would talk to them for a while.
I do think most of his actions are for attention, he is seaking the attention he never got as a child, and yes he has some issues but we should not be judging him, it is not our place or our job. If you don't like his actions or him in particular, ignore him. He is not the only celebrity to come unglued but because he is so large an icon he is picked on the most, which imo makes it worse. There have been many young and old actors and actresses that have overdosed because of mental problems or literally gone nutts and had to be committed. He is just trying to deal with it in his own way, weather his is a *right* way or a *wrong* way is not my place to judge.
For now I just ignore all the media **it, and listen to Janet's music. She was always my favorit Jackson anyway.
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