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Late for the show AGAIN

Well Helena and I was late for the show again. After seeing all the great photos Shane took, we really wish we went earlier. Next time we will definitely get there in the morning. It would have been nice to meet and talk with some of the members and breeders there. This show we did get a chance to speak to some of you, I apoplogize if we were a little off, since we did not get any sleep all weekend( Jeff you understood) Thank you to all that congradulated us on the boas, we were so off that we forgot! about the birth. Darren it was great speaking to you, just wish I was in a better state to talk more
What impressed us was Boa Mania, this was the first time we ever spoke to them. Thanks Mike for the kind and flattering words. You have a great selection of quality animals yourself. If any of our clients should ever want a snake that we do not carry, I would definitely send them and insist they go your way, since you do have many snakes we do not have.
And then of course there was Grant and his lovely wife Yvonne.
Thanks again for another great show! No doubt it is No.1!!
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