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To all members,

Well the above thread has now caused quite a stir. After making all efforts to work something out where everyone would be happy it has come to me that I should not have rescheduled the event.

I recieved a number of phone calls and emails today supporting the April date of the Toronto Reptile Expo. I discussed it to great lengths with many of the long time herpers, vendors and members. After speaking to them I am convinced that I jumped to quickly to change the date of the Expo.

It would not be fair to the attendees that recieved flyers at the last expo that do not frequent the forums to reschedule this event. I still believe those that want to will travel to Ottawa and back for the Toronto Expo.

So I have decided to maintain the April Expo date as Sunday April 06, 2003 from 9am to 4pm.

As well I will be hosting the anniversary party along with Jeff for Port Credit Pets and This event will be on Saturday April 05th from 6:30 and on. With live entertainment. More information will be provided in the next few days.

This will be an exciting weekend. For all. I would like to encourage everyone to take advantage of this great weekend. Make the trip to Ottawa on Saturday and come back for the party on Saturday night and then drop by on Sunday for the Toronto Reptile Expo.

Grant Crossman

Toronto Reptile Expo April 06 9am to 4pm see you there!!!!
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