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metal /hardcore/punk/classic rock/fusion/ stuff like that. my favorite bands and rtists are : Shai Hulud, As frinds Rust ( RIP) ,Esteem, Bad Religion, Bad Brains, Rush!!!, Journey, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani, Children of Bodom. stuff like tha. i hope somebody knows some of those unknowns. ha. For me like Shane its always a guitar riff. one f ym favorites is bumber 5 on Rush's Grace Under Pressure. the opening riff is cool with that delay effect. The Overture/ Temples of Syrinx from 2112 is an amazing song guitar wise. Drums come next . i love a good drum fill. I love when a drumer and guitarist can work together to give that great off time feel and yet its not and its great. Shai Hulud does that. check em out.
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