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Thank you, thank you...the pics for the site are one of my most favored things to do. I enjoy, and look forward to going to the shows...and love meeting ppl.

Now that Jeff and i have figured out what the problem was with the site and the pic time i should be able to do it in half the time..maybe 8hours Its worth it though, the fact that everyone out there can take a joke and laugh at themselves is great! And this show i was actually the near end of the day i thought that i had zero good pictures of members to work with. But when i got home and opened them up...i noticed i was wrong.

So thanks again for the kind words...and don't wish too hard that you were at the show...who might be my next victum as we hopefully do a country(s) wide trip taking members photos and doing the meet and greet with you all...nothing more would make us more the future of the site!
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