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Thanks for the nice comments about the pictures everyone.

Pythonian - After looking at some older pictures of Joan Jett - I can see why you thought Sheila looked like her.

We do not keep any venomous snakes at the zoo. The rattlesnake pictures were taken 12 kms from where we live.

For anyone interested in photographing rattlesnakes in a desert in Canada - we are getting ready for our anual Hiss in the Hills mothers day snake count.

We can be sure to find bullsnakes, rattlesnakes, black widow spiders - and if we are lucky - hognose snakes, garter snakes, short horned lizards and scorpions.

Beyond the native reptile species - Nature lovers will get a kick out of the Great Sandhills (huge desert of rolling sand 18 kms on the other side of Leader) the south saskatchewan river and cotton wood forests, the river canyon, badlands, and much roling native praire with lots of sage brush.

Guests are also sure to see many pronghorn antelope, trophy white tailed deer and mule deer, badgers, beavers, porcupines, skunks, red foxes, coyotes, great blue herons, long billed curlews, many other bird species, and maybe a few moose.

If you'd rather spend your time doing something else - we also have a lot of old ancient cemeteries, old churches, a historic one room school house, the foundation of the largest barn ever built in North America, a large museum and a couple of running 2 car ferries that are 80 years old - to cross your vehicle to Dean Francis' art gallery - Sagebrush Studios.

Ryan and Sheila
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