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Cool Zombie crickets

lol ok, not so much.

Today I made the giant trek to Pet Smart which is waaaaaay across town.....and I have no car, as I'm a youngin' that's too lazy to go get my license.

So I went in, bought my 50 baby crickets (made an impulse cricket food buy...yah, I'm a sucker I know) and went outside and UNFORTUNATELY was 'distracted' by a Tim Hortons and missed the bus by a minute....I stood on the other side of the street and looked really sad but it went by anyway .......I figured the crickets would be ok....but then I checked on them and they were all upside down in a pile at the bottum of the bag, with little tiny horrified expressions on their tiny cricket faces!

I was very saddened, because even though they're feeders they have feelings too! (Although its a better death than their more likely demise when they are batted around by my kitty.)

Anyway, in desperation I shoved the bag up my jacket in order to warm them up and I SWEAR it's like people have NEVER seen a girl with a bag of crickets up her shirt! The LOOKS I got....Geez.

Anyway! They popped back to life, I'm very happy

PS....there is a lives in Northern Canada (I believe!) and it just sits like a lump and freezes over the winter, then thaws in the spring....anyone know what it's called? It's a cool frog

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