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Unhappy nose rubbing:( worried

i keep my corn snake in one of those plastic tubs inside his future viv. the tops and around the top of the tub is like grated......i dont know how to explain but you know what the tubs are like right? right.
my snake is starting to rub his nose. he does it on the sides on the top bottom and allong the sides where the ventilation scared he may cause some serious damage to himself
the tub is about 12" long by 8" wide and hes a bit bigger than 20" inches long.... i reckon its too small for him? what do you think? could this cause the nose rubbing?
hes too small for his large viv so i might plant up a tank for him which is big enough, but no so big that he seems completely lost...lots of places to hide etc.
i know that you can cover up the sides but if i cover up the ventilation he will not get enough air.
any comments/suggestions please! im getting worried
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