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Scotty your post is one of the best I've read on the site in a LONG time.. I personally feel the same way, the Ottawa Show and the site party AND the Toronto show SHOULD be the same weekend.

We had make plans to attend all three things that weekend, even to the point of giving my ex extra access so we could go with the kids [we have a sitter in the GTA for the night of the party ]

But now since the TO show and Ott show are different weekends and only a week apart we can't afford to go to either

My 5 yr old is really upset about it as he hasn't been able to go to the shows with us because of the issue this past year. The April OTT/TO shows weekend would have been a 5 day weekend for us as a family. Now we just can't do it

I hope you are happy Chris as you've disappointed a lil boy, cancelled a party that ppl put tons of work into, as well as upset alot of site members.

Grant I still think you should have the show that weekend.
Jeff you should still go ahead with the party.

Chris seems to be acting like a child about this [yes I have had private conversations with him about it and he just kept whining about how "Grant's trying to destroy me" "he's been ruinning me since I annouced the show" blah blah whine.

Sorry to vent but the herp community doesn't need this.

We are all supposed to be a family and HELP each other, not hurt or backstab each other.

[really hoping this makes sense, if it doesn't sorry.. I'm upset after having to tell Will we aren't going]
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