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Sick turtle :(

One of my sliders has developed a wierd fungus on his eyes. It looks like milky jello over them. Before I go and spend the big bucks at the vet, can anyone sugest something I can do for him?

I know his water isn't as good as it should be and I feel like a bum for that. My father has been caring for all 9 of my sliders for the past few years while I am in college. Guess I should have taken them with me.

He eats trout food every day...atleast he used to...and I throw in some crickets when I go home. It's been 3 days since he ate.

I have some tetracycline at homr for a "just in case" fish medicine. Should I try soaking him in that? What about some fungus medication? Is there an underlying infection as well as the fungus now?

Any ideas?

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