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I contacted the owner of the store yesterday, but I was very emotional and crying so much I could barely talk. He told me I should contact the guy I bought the skink from to see what his warranty was. He also said that she probably died from respiratory problems as I had mentioned she had a slight wheeze from time to time when I brought her in that day (hence the name Wheezy) which he never heard while I had her in the store. I disagree. My skink wheezed from time to time, but it was not all the time, and seemed to happen mostly when she was nervous. She was eating very well, and had no other problems than a few nicks from other skinks that was in with her in the store I bought her from. All of those would have eventually cleared up. Today I called and he is conveniently not in the store, and the girl working there got in an argument with me saying my animal was sick and full of mites. She stated he had 25 years experience, and I told her that according to the guy I bought the skink from (who wasn't home that day), another pet store I deal with and two vets, that you never put rubbing alcohol directly on the animal. She took my message, and I still haven't heard from him.
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