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Of herps and “empire” building…

I am dismayed and somewhat baffled at some of the things that I’m reading in this thread. From what I understand, Grant has had to change his May expo date to April 6 due solely to a conflict in dates with the hall where it is held. There is no malice here. This talk of “empires” and such is just plain nonsense; the herpetocultural hobby is getting big enough in Ontario and the rest of Canada that there is room for both. Ottawa and Toronto are far enough away from each other that there is no earthly reason why two shows should not be held on the same weekend, one in Ottawa on Saturday, the other here in TO on the Sunday. Hell, they might just complement each other, actually making it worthwhile for out of province vendors and guests to travel to Ontario for the weekend and see both.

Now I see that Grant’s April 5/6 date is cancelled.

Grant, I think this is very magnanimous of you to do this to appease the organizer(s) of the Ottawa show but not necessary. I have attended and worked on many such expos, some smaller, some larger and am well familiar with the amount of work and planning that goes into putting one together. There are US states where two or three shows, expos, swap meets whatever term you want to use are held on the same weekend. You have worked your tail off for 12 or so years to make this hobby grow into the business it now is here in Canada, don’t change your plans now.

Chris, go on with your show, and best of luck with it. There is plenty of room for both of you on the same weekend. Remember though, Grant’s first show more than 10 years ago, featured only 7 vendors, I was one of them. It will take awhile to build yours up to a good size.
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