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Angry My blue tongued skink, Wheezy, died.


My name is Nancy. I purchased a blue-tongued skink, and she was very healthy. This past Sunday I found mites on her. I didn't know how to treat this as I am new to reptiles. No vets were open, but one petstore, Pets Plus Supplies in Bedford, Nova Scotia was open. I told the guy who worked there, Brandon about the mites and he told me he had 24 years experience and knew exactly how to cure her, and welcomed me to bring her in as he said the mites would travel around my house to my snakes and geckos. He told me I would need to bleach her aquarium out, and to buy rubbing alcohol and toothpicks and I needed a white cloth. When I arrived with her, right away he showed me where the mites were and took the alcohol and began pouring it on the cloth. He rubbed her down with it, and she began to struggle. She messed all over him several times as well as peed. I was concerned over this but he assured me the alcohol would evaporate in a short time. The mites came off as well as the skin which he said was because she was shedding. She had her mouth open several times as well. Then he took her in the back of his store and washed her down with Palmolive dish detergent. He also advised me to use aquarium gravel instead of the shavings I had used and I bought several bags of them. Then he took a toothpick and went underneath her eyelid to (check for mites in there). He advised me to do rub her down with the alcohol twice a day, and to my snakes and leopard geckos as well. Thankfully, I didn't. I then took her home. She never moved the whole time, and when I put her back in the tank she began doing laps. I then figured something was wrong, and decided to wash her with just warm water. I went to bed, and the next morning she was stiff and barely breathing. There was blood coming out of her nose and ears and her eyes couldn't open and close. I washed her again in warm water hoping to revive her, but within a half an hour she died. I was so heartbroken. I loved this animal as did my small son, and because of this store owner's ignorance, I lost my beloved pet. I feel that this man should repay me the cost of the animal as I feel he killed her. Any comments?
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