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Re: Hognose venom "debate" over.

i think i will go with some ice and a nap, for now lol

we used rubbing alcohol...but regardless, the problem was also he had his fangs in too well, and he was stuck...he figured the solution was to swallow me lol

it's so annoying too because he had been refusing food, and going into shed...havent seen the eyes change, but he's well overdue, and wanted nothing to do with food. i had to take him all the way out to disinfect, and he usually just sits there nicely. apparently fish smell is irresistible. you'd have thought i learned he has a great nose, after he bit my thumb when he smelled frog on it. i didn't think he'd go for FISH!
ugh. and to think this is the snake i couldn't get to eat for months when i first got him!
ok hard to type now : )
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