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I feel 100% bad for the guy. He has been ripped apart and studied by the media and spotlight since he was five years old.

I like how the media says "Oh look how he has his kids wearing masks!!!! WEIRDO!" But can anyone tell me how you explain to TWO kids under the age of ten they are about to be mobbed and they will hear yelling, crying screaming and shouting when they go outside? I bet he has to make them wear those masks to feel safe. Like in Big Daddy and the invisible sunglasses. I can't imagine having to explain those things to my children.

And what if the stupid idiot media kept screaming "we cant see the baby form where we are!" and he hung her over so they could get a shot?

Stories are constantly twisted around 150% by the media all the time to make the worst possible scenario come out even if its not the truth.

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