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I agree with Dragons & Balls. You guys can't really judge the guy. He was abused when he was a child and pushed in a negative way. All the Jackson kids were celebrities if you don't remember and the parents were probably a little hard on all of them. You can't really blame him. Blame his surroundings. Also someone spoke of his plastic surgery. Like most and Millions of people around the world he is insecure about his looks. I am not agreeing with plastic surgery all I am saying is that insecure people do dumb things to themselves. Do you laugh at annorexic people when you seem them on tv? They are insecure. Do you laugh at people who have bulemia or however you spell it? No you don't. They like michael Jackson go to desperate measures just to change themselves. He is a little messed up in the head but I guarantee that if any of us went through what he did during his life we'd be just as messed and if not more messed up than him. Don't judge. it's not for humans to do. I think it's mean. The man is an extremely talented dancer and singer. Though he is a nut job he wants world peace. I respect him for his talents and his hope for peace. Would we like it if we were messed up and people were talking about us? Would you laugh and talk about a child or adult who is mentally ********? That's all I have to say. I hope I changed some peoples opinions if not. Ohh well.>(
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