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The Incredible Linds

Okay...i couldnt resist..i thought and thought how to do this part of the thread all here is what ive come up with...this is Fellow Moderator and good buddy Linds at the show Sorry linds..i coudnt resist!!!

See Linds and boyfriend Mike arrive at the show

See linds in the bar downstairs drink

See linds visit our booth ( next to her on left is Kat)

See Linds drink! :P

See linds happy with one of her new snakes

See linds drink! :P

See linds and boyfriend mike at the booth

See Linds drink! :P

See linds at the booth doing magic tricks

See Linds drink! :P

See linds eat calcium tablets on a dare by Jeff

See Linds drink! :P

See linds at the end of the day...looking for her jacket..which she almost left behind...her snakes..which she almost left behind...her boyfriend..that she left in the bar...and her eye sight that would no longer focus....thanks for the fun glad you had a good time and glad you made it home in one piece...nice meeting Mike finally as well

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