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The Saga Continues

Fellow Moderator Grant V.g. showing off one of his new works by Dino

Members Matt K and Grant from PCPC

Tired of seeing Grant Yet

Another of Corr and Dino

Fellow Moderator Dom and his girlfriend.....DOM DI DOM DOM!!!

The good ppl from J.D. Terrariums were on display happy to report that they had sold out by the end of the day. These enclosures are stunning..nice seeing you guys again..thanks for being good neighbours and putting up with us at the show

Just a small sample of some of theyre work

Member and fellow Moderator Jason H and his wife. (Watch the hands) :w

I forgot to take the gentleman on the rights name down...what else is new...but here he is with Jeff...who never misses a photo op!

One of my favorite photo subjects..member Tony Lamanna makes an appearance at the booth

Jeff hard at work..making sure everything was just right at the booth

Every show i have tried to manage a good pick of member joe..this time we got one..but i cant take credit..Jeff snapped this one up when the chance came

Member Kat tries to beat me at quick draw photo taking..not only did i win..i think she took a shot of the ceiling!!! (thanks for your help and the chocolates Kat)

Member Scotty Allens booth..and some of his amazing shirts..everyone needs one or more of these

The booth near the end of the day..filled with lots of loitering are left to right: Sean, Andrew from mice4You with daughter, Mike, Linds, Chappy, Kat, and Trace

Member Nuno stops by the booth and says hi

Member Chappy

Remember i said that the show was is two photos taken just before 10 a.m. Nowhere near the busy part of the day

Mike and Monica of BoaMania

One day i will make just a gallery of pictures of Matt is a couple more

ReneeB and husband eric make the long trek for the show again

My good Buddy sean

No show is complete for me without seeing my pal Ryan (a.k.a. WonderChunky)

Fellow Moderator Grant V.g. Pops up again!

Fellow Mod trace..thanks for your help during the day trace :P
p.s. everyone..i swear this is what she was doing :w

An unidentified male...and member Zoe Stevens

Member Harry Po.....errrr PeterD

We had some real celebrities at the show. Just recently Daniel and Ravi were on a local toronto Television program called Breakfast tv...on the City Tv network (tm) showing off theyre incredible new book on Savannah Monitors. No home collection is complete without a copy...pick one up today

Ah...everyone likes baby photos..this little guy...although i forgot his a future terrarium builder and belongs to the ppl from J.D. Terrariums.

Member Tony L and Asphyxia (wonderchunky in background)

Tony L finds what hes looking for ( Probably more car wax for his Camero!!!)

What a banner..what a banner!!!

Another shot of a boy and his stick...matt K and Grant

A question for the older folk out there...this is member if you wouldnt have already guessed

The great folks from walking rock mugs had an amazing display once again..everyone needs on of these ...okay...a set :P

Everyone..please dont forget about the Turtle Haven

The ppl from Woodland Edge Herps had a great display once again..and were more than kind to us with donations...we really appreciated sorry but the rest of the shots i took of your stuff didnt turn out

For those die hard fans of the show will all probably remember Matt from PCPC..who always has time to tell me im number one...everytime i see him! :P

And incase you is matt again..but at the last show in November

Two tough guys..Chappy and Aaron

Jeff and my favorite Hectic frenchman Dom dance a jig

Paul and Lorraine Gillard were there in full force...awesome selection of goods once again (thanks for the donation!!!)

Another photo of the Gillards awesome display

ReneeB and hubby cuddle

Member Zoe...need i say more

Okay....normally i like to poke fun..but not embarass...but to hell with it..i cant resist...i have been trying to get these two together for a date for about two months happy to report that after meeting at the show..they have agreed to take in a movie and dinner...Just think..i got the very first pic of these two...and who knows..maybe ill be the photographer at theyre wedding? Good luck you make a beautiful couple...Zoe & Aaron

Theyre probably going to kill me for this arent they?
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