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Lets get Ready to Rumble!!! here is the part that takes a long time to is also the part that everyone loves the most....the vendors and the members being made fun all have sick minds lol.

I talked to our first victum a whole of about 10 seconds...i believe that he told me he was a member and that his name was Dave..sorry if i have that wrong

This is one of my favorites of the day...i worked hard to get a smile out of this little girl..which included me jumping up and down like a fool in the middle of the show...but i got it...This is member Andrew from Mice4You..and his beautiful Daughter

Here is an early morning look at the booth before the mad rush of ppl coming in

Member Aaron showed up at the show with a new hair do....he died it pink on a dare....ill tell more of that story later

We had several celebrities join us on this fine day..including our official cartoonist Dean ( a.k.a.) Dino. He showed up at the booth with a box of his work all framed, signed and ready to go....i am happy to report..that i am now the proud owner of three of his works....Dean i will display these proudly over my computer..thanks again. I think everyone should snap one or more of these up while you can...this guy is going to be get in touch with member you can make arrangements..his pricing is very cheap..and the work is excellent!!!

Here he is with Jeff in the Morning

Members Dino and Corr..ham it up at the booth!!!

Chris from reptile hq was kind enough to let me take a pic

Everyone knows and loves fellow moderator Matt K from the forums and from Chat. I love trying to take matts is the one im going to use as evidence when i take him to court (im j/k) Matt was a little mad at me for chasing this is one i managed to take before his fist and my camera to my face made contact

One of the many displays at the show

This is part of a very large display from the ppl of Frog watch

Fellow Moderator Matt makes an appearance

Find Waldo....remember i mentioned that member Aaron had his hair coloured pink as part of a dare..see if you can find him in this photo!!!

Jeff playing Monty Halls lets make a deal!!!

Members Chappy, Matt K, and Aaron let me snap a pic

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