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Animals anyone?

As usual, there was an amazing selection of animals on are just some...First off a large peach throat monitor...i believe All i know is that his guy was one angry dude..hissing and whipping the glass with his tail....errr maybe that was just me bugging him

These were part of Port Credit Pet Centers display...i couldnt take my eyes off these little guys!!!

Can you tell i was in love with these things yet?

Im actually surprised that these pics even came these beauties were so small...some stock from Mark Pepper of Understory Enterprises...i drooled over these all day i can't remember who this vendor was..but i do remember him telling me that i would never get a pic of his frogs as they were so such a small heavily planted tank...and the tank had no lights...well i should have bet you money
May God bless the canon G2

Here is Lisa & Katey's newest member..a new blood...sorry guys i though that i had the camera alot more focased when i took it

These were part of the display from the great ppl of J.D. Terrariums..more on them to follow

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