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Wow! i made it to Venomous!!... I prepared a small speech for this occasion:

I would first like to thank Jeff for creating such na addicting website. I'd like to thank my mom, for not caring about my scholastic carreer and not bugging me to go to class so i can surf ssnakess. I'd like to thank my neverending saga with blood pythons. I'd like to thank Papa Johns, and the delivery guy who delivers so promptly so i don' thave to leave my computer chair. I'd like to thank my job.. starbucks.. for that great espresso that keeps me awake at all hours of the night so that i may surf ssnakess. I'd also like to thank them for the money to purchase my reptiles. I'd also like to thank my friends at (RA) Reptiles Anonymous, Sorry guys.. i can't break this addiction... I'd like to thank Matt and his TERRIBLE taste in hockey teams... (MUAHAHA) ... i'd also like to thank my third grade typing teacher... without her i might never have graced the posts of ... for all these i'm thankful... this *tear* is the greatest night of my life!! THANK YOU ALL!!!.. I LOVE YOU!!! *sniffle* AND REMEMBER...Spay and neuter your loved ones... leave your cats and dogs alone!..PEACE I"M OUTTA HERE!!


Dude.. **** Susan Luccie.. that is SO Emmy material!!
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