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Talking Look Mom..its Grant!!!!

What could bring more pleasure than meeting up with the man behind the show. This is Grant from Port Credit Pet Centers. The host of our show..and quite frankly one of the most handsome ppl i have even met....and yes..thats him smiling as he greets me in the morning...about the same look he always has when i talk to him. Poor Grant gets up and starts the show at 2 a.m. setting up tables etc for the rest of us. Thanks Grant, your efforts don't go un-noticed ( Im still going to make fun of you however!!!)

Here is another pic of grant.....i was going to put a caption on it..but i have decided not to...instead i would like to name this piece....I will call it...early morning sun...creates partial solar eclipse!!! (if you dont get that will later)

Hey...he complained last time that i didnt get enough pics of him..this will teach him
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