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Lets begin

First off i would like to say a huge thank you to Grant and staff at Port Credit Pet Centers for yet another flawless show

This show was suppose to be slower than usual, but with the amount of advertisement renerated from the site, along with pcpc, and great ppl like yourselves coming out for it...the show was a huge success...busier than any on dreamed!!!

Every vendor i talked to told me they had done extremely well with sales that day. Lots of our members took home great new pets and were able to find most of what they were looking for.

The booth did extremely well. By the end of the day our table looked bare!!! Thanks again those who bought items and supported us!

This show was a first time multi-media display for the site...We featured a computer display showing the site, complete with over 1200 of your pictures, and all timed to music. We got huge compliments on the set up...and even had vendors scream at us to put the music back on when it had finished looping through!!!

It was such a success, that we are now working on a larger display for possibly the next show. Our future goals would like to see a full multimedia display with over head monitors, tonnes of sound...more pictures and possibly a live web broadcast...bring all of us...right to your living rooms

With the busy display and sales came sheer madness from the large crowds hovering around us all day...a special thank you goes out to Matt K, Trace, and Kat, who all gave Jeff and i a hand at the booth from time to time when we needed it...thanks made our day smoother

Okay....enough is the pics..enjoy

The day greeted us at the show early in the morning with harsh winds blowing from the North. The day however soon warmed up and even gave us some sunlight which mad going outside bareable. Here is a pic of the outside of the venue around 7:30 a.m.

Here is a look at the inside of the venue early in the morning when we you can see...there wasn't many vendors there Jeff likes to drag me out of bed at about 4 a.m. for a show that starts at 8:30 a.m. that is only about twenty minutes from my house!!!

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