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Exclamation Help/Suggestions needed Please!

I have a project I have to do for a class called Data Management... it's worth 30% of my mark (and my exam is still worth 30% too ) and here are the outlines so far:
  • Select a subject that is of interest to you, and that contains data.

Helpful, eh? So anyway, I wanted to do something along the lines of animals/reptiles, etc... something where I don't fall asleep while researching! I'm going to have to graph the data and calculate crap, so I think it'd be better to have something to do with money... My only idea so far is to select a zoo and compare the rate of income over the past however many years. (This doesn't REALLY have anything to do with animals, since I could do the same thing with any business, which is why I'm looking for more ideas.

Any help / suggestions would be SO greatly appreciated.

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