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An apparent threat to the empire

I want to start out by making it clear that I am not whining in this thread... I am making my point clear.

I would like to know when the herp hobby became a dictatorship instead of a fellowship. One person (who shall be known as Mr. X) seems to think the entire hobby is his alone to own and control.

A show in Ottawa has been booked and money has been spent to make it so. Approximately one month after the show was announced to the public, a show in Toronto magically popped up slated for the very next day. Coincidence?

I booked that day on purpose for the sole reason of not wanting to be direct "competition" for either the port credit or St. Jacob's shows. April was the only open month in the spring. Apparently the same courtesy isn't a standard amongst others.

Placing a show in Toronto the day after the show in Ottawa Going out of one's way to hold down the hobby for one's own personal gain is not only dirty, it is down right crooked. Mr X apparently does not realize that he is not the only person in the world and that he doesn't rule the herp hobby as much as he would like to believe he does.

In a world where herpers are seen as freaks and wierdos by the masses, (masses that don't understand the animals we all love and cherish), we really need to be standing together and helping each other rather than hindering one another for personal gain. Ottawa is in turmoil over the new proposed bylaws and a big showing here would have gotten us leaps and bounds to creating awareness and education in the public eye.

Its a shame that Mr X seems to be a little bit sour that someone did more than just TALK about a show in Ottawa, because all he is going to accomplish is making 2 half *** shows in a weekend instead of 2 great shows in different months. This serves to do nothing more than limit the growth of a great hobby. CONGRATS MR X I am sure you are really proud.

Despite the best efforts of others, the show WILL go on in Ottawa as planned.
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