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I don't think keeping the snake calm is the only plus to feeding in a tote. There's also the issue of substrate injestion, which can have deadly consequences.

When I got mine, he was already a year and a half and used to eating in totes. Now, he has outgrown his tote so this weekend I tried feeding him in the bathtub - no go. He'd cruise right up to the mice, smell them over, but then go on exploring. For some, if they have too much else to focus on (exploring), they'll ignore the meal.

I've never been bitten during feeding, but I take certain precautions, such as not using my warm, heat giving off hands to move him to/from tote to enclosure. I have been bitten by this guy once while doing an education presentation at a local middle school winter carnival, but I think he was just tired of having his picture taken with kids.
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