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Originally posted by andrea
Selma is a WOMAN. She probly scares all you young boys, lol. Easier to please a little prissy girl-woman, lol
ya know i'm just teasing.
i like brunettes, guys and (in a non-sexual way girls), and that is a woman's body selma has. she gets on my nerves almost as much as britney though, lol
so my vote goes for Selma, lol
after my big spiel, lol
I agree with you in a different way, hon. I could likely CONTROL Britney quite easily with little charm and charisma on my part. Salma, HOWEVER, would be another story entirely. I love a challenge, not an impossiblity!

Here Britney, Britney, Britney! Wanna go shopping? Fellow Louisiana girl gets my vote for sheer controllability.

I'm only kidding. Really I'm just a dirty old man. Have been since about 9 years old, can't help it.

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