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ewww, i agree with fred, britney started out to be someone that they wanted to market as a role model for little girls. my daughter, at the age of three, was singing all her songs, and she is very musical and wanted to be britney, then suddenly, britney got trashy. and she is from my state, so i should be biased to her the way some people i have talked to here think. but i REFUSE to let my daughter OR son watch christina or britney. they are young girls who are very pretty and talented and they have more to market than sex. and it just isnt them. there are way younger groups out there. Play, they dress those barely adolescent girls just as bed.
well i'll get off my soap box.
Selma is a WOMAN. She probly scares all you young boys, lol. Easier to please a little prissy girl-woman, lol
ya know i'm just teasing.
i like brunettes, guys and (in a non-sexual way girls), and that is a woman's body selma has. she gets on my nerves almost as much as britney though, lol
so my vote goes for Selma, lol
after my big spiel, lol
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