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Need some help...

On a cornsnake forum I frequent we often discuss feeding in cage VS feeding in a tub for the purpose of keeping the snakes more "calm" and not inclined to bite your hand because they may have gotten conditioned from being fed in tank...

I haven't seen anyone give any real info either way to prove either method and maybe it cannot be proven and it has nothing to do with feeding methods but the individuality of each snake. But either way I would like to compile a large amount of statistical data from snake keepers regarding this subject. I am starting to work on the questions tonight and I will be posting it soon but

I would like some advice first. *Without* posting your personal views/thoughts on the matter itself, can anyone give suggestions as to what questions maybe more important than others to try and get the best data? I understand this may not amount to anything and it won't make a differance but I would still like to try and at least get it right from a statistical standpoint. thanks folks.

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