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Talking very packed..but fun!

ya it was pretty damn packed there but it was worth it...i got to meet some new people (well...i've talked to them on the chat...but now i dont feel like such a loser and call them my internet friends) plus i got myself a nice big ol' henkels leaf tailed gecko..very nice looking, some silkworms, and then went to port credit pet center and bought me an emperor i got to see shanes beautiful smile again... so it was an overall good day...but i agree...they should move it to a larger building...and next the booth there should be "hello my name is:________" stickers...and we'll put our ssnakess names on there..i was thinking about that at the show...but astrozombie beat me to posting it on here..:P..oh well...
lets hear about everyone elses experiences..

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