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crestie small prob with sexing

ok heres whats going on

I had one crested at the size where it should be able to see somewhat of a bulge if it was male but its not showing anything. Today I bought one just a bit bigger and it is clearly a boy and also bought one a bit smaller really ince pattern but not really sexable yet. This is what happened I showed the smaller unsexable one to my medium size one I thought then likely female(so i though) and the medium jump for the smaller one with its mouth open very aggresivly thank god the smaller one was still in the container.. after this happened i decided to do a test. i put the largest sure thing male in a tank and put the other 2 in there own clear containers right beside each other so they all could see each other and nothing happened. So for now there all in there own tanks till i know for sure.

because the medium one went to attack the smaller one does this mean there both males even if you cant visually see it yet? please let me know? and give me your take on this?
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