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I did not expect to find ANTI war protests going on in a Snake
I agree with "anygiven60", I cannot stand when people try to influence others decisions! If countries are willing to sacrifice billions of dollars, human lives, etc, they usually have a pretty good reason! You spoke of WW2, well look what happend to germany, they were smothered to death by sanctions, did that stop them?? WWII could have been avoided if the west did not just sit on their asses and watch as a country grew more and more dangerous. Once a fire is started it will just keep on spreading, unless it is quickly put out! The same with countries like Iraq! I wonder if you would have the same Anti war thoughts if your whole family was killed by Anthrax, or Botulism, OR even Serin gas (products of wich Iraq does have)? Bet you would have been all for a war then!
But I do not Agree with how the United States abuse their power!
Seems like a new aged Roman Empire to me, troops stationed all around the world, influencing smaller countries, intervening on other countires business (wars)!
Tha, Tha , thats all I hav ta say bout that!!
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